STEELE GEN4 High-Speed Brake Blower

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The Ultimate in Brake Cooling Technology: The GEN4 Blower

Experience the Latest Innovation

The GEN4 Blower is the latest generation of our high-speed, automotive-grade brake cooling blowers. Our advanced thermal management system sets a new industry standard by combining unparalleled performance, reliability, and dynamic functionality, tailored specifically for the automotive racing industry.

Dynamic Speed Control

Gain precise control over your fan speed with our optional potentiometer for variable adjustments at your fingertips. Alternatively, opt for our straightforward on/off switch for single-speed operation. Choose from pre-programmed speed settings of 7A, 12A, or 15A to suit your specific cooling needs.

Soft Start Technology

Every GEN4 Blower is equipped with our proprietary soft-start technology. This feature mitigates voltage and amperage spikes, preventing costly electrical issues and ensuring smooth operation across your system.

Key Features

  • Automotive-Grade Electronics Enclosure: IP67 rated for superior protection.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Engineered for the highest CFM output and dynamic pressure.
  • Precision Engineering: Crafted from CNC billet 6061 and 7075-grade aluminum.

High-Performance Brushless Forced Air Blower

The GEN4 Blower is engineered to push the limits of brushless forced induction fans. Built to endure the toughest conditions, it features aerodynamically optimized blades for maximum performance and efficiency. The motor is constructed with high-temperature ferrite magnets and state-of-the-art drives, ensuring reliability under extreme conditions.

Included Components
  • GEN4 Blower: Available in 7A, 12A, or 15A configurations.
  • Turn-Key Operation: Pre-programmed amperage settings for immediate use.
  • 8-ft Power/Ground Cable: Equipped with mating 2-pin Deutsch connectors.
  • Circuit Protection: Built-in reverse polarity and gradual speed increase on start to prevent electrical spikes.

Optional Add-On Parts

  • Flange Mount Reducer: 3.5" to 3.0" exit port.
  • Inline Mount Reducer: 3.5" to 3.0" exit port.
  • 8-ft On/Off Switch
  • 8-ft Potentiometer: For variable fan speed control.


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