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SRP Jetcool Driver Helmet AC - Thermoelectric Cooling System

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Steele Racing Products Jetcool Helmet AC-Thermoelectric Cooling System.

The Jetcool Helmet AC system is the best original driver cooling solution that is being sold and raced around the world today. It keeps a race car driver cool from the heat, helping maintain that critical focus. 

Weighing only 6.5 lbs and capable of generating 50+ CFM and a 25F Delta T. 


Controller Operating Modes:

  • Variable Fan Speed
  • High/Low Cooling Modes
  • On/Off

The AC system comes complete with the following:

  • SRP JetCool Helmet Air Conditioner

  • Variable Speed/Cooling Control Box

  • 2 position switches for on/off and low/high cooling and a potentiometer for fan speed

  • Power/ground harness

  • 6’ft helmet hose

  • Single or Dual outlet ports

    An optional 4.0" Performance Clean Air Filter System sold separately.

    The Jetcool systems are built-to-order and take approximately 4 - 6 weeks from manufacturing to delivery.


    Contact Us to Order Your Custom Jetcool Helmet AC System: Our Jetcool Helmet AC-Thermoelectric Cooling System is the ultimate solution for keeping race car drivers cool and focused during intense races. To ensure you get the perfect system tailored to your needs, please get in touch with us directly to place your order.
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