STEELE Variable Speed Switch - 10'ft Universal Potentiometer

SKU: 40-2010


STEELE Variable Speed Switch - 10'ft Universal Potentiometer

Ultimate Control for Your Brushless Fan System

The STEELE Variable Speed Switch is a universal potentiometer designed for any of Steele's brushless fan product line. Each harness measures 10 feet in length, providing a generous amount of wire loom suitable for any vehicle type, ensuring flexibility and ease of installation.

Key Features

Generous Length:
10'ft harness length offers ample wiring for various vehicle types.

Easy Mounting:
Includes QTY (3) - 4.25mm thru-holes for straightforward dash or panel mounting.

High-Quality Faceplate:
Custom high-temp nylon indicator faceplate clearly shows positive and negative speed adjustments.

Plug-and-Play Design:
It is designed to match every brushless fan system plug offered by Steele, allowing for seamless variable speed control.

Universal Compatibility

This universal potentiometer is compatible with all brushless fan systems in Steele's product line. It provides variable speed control to enhance your fan's performance and adjustability.

Upgrade your vehicle's cooling system with the STEELE Variable Speed Switch, which allows you to control the speed of your brushless fan precisely and conveniently.

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