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The SD350A fan system is the core of Steele’s innovation in automotive racing and carries a multitude of applications for road and off-road vehicles.

  • Max CFM for brake, tire, cabin, and gearbox cooling
  • Aerodynamically designed for ground-effects applications
  • Programmable options ranging from CAN bus, Bluetooth, & GUIs

With an aluminum centric design, the SD350A mitigates maximum thermal wear of the motor and electronics. CNC manufactured from 6061 & 7075 aircraft grade aluminum to withstand the harshest conditions in racing.

SRP Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)

Every SD350A fan system comes paired with an SRP ESC. An automotive-grade ESC designed for racing, the SRP ESC features state-of-the-art electronic components for maximum performance and reliability.

Multiple custom user-interface solutions ranging from dial selectors, potentiometers, PWM, CAN bus, Bluetooth or direct with our SRP Graphic User Interface (GUI). Gain the best competitive advantage over the rest with these programmable options.

Select between our Standard SRP ESC capable or our Mil-Spec SRP ESC. The Standard ESC allows for up to 30A continuous usage, integrated within the SD350A, and a max operating temp of 200F. The Mil-Spec ESC allows up to 60A continuous usage, remote mountable box and has a max operating temp of 300F.

Applications and Uses

The SD350A has a history of unique and standard uses in automotive racing. Predominately starting with brake, tire and gearbox cooling, the SD350A reliability and robustness has proven itself over the years.

Road Racing

The most common usage of the SD350A fan system is for brakes, tires and gearbox cooling applications. Race team leaders have been leveraging the power of forced-air cooling to gain a significant competitive advantage over the years.

Among the other uses, competitive race teams leverage the SD350A as a performance critical aerodynamic solution for shaving seconds off their lap times when applied in the right situations. Manufacturer backed race teams and small race shops have benefited from using our fan.

Off-Road Racing

In off-road racing, the needs of supplying a superior air conditioning system was apparent and designing it for that industry required a tailored effort. Thus, the SRP JETCOOL AC System was created. End users have the option to run a single or dual outlet setup.

The SD350A design contributes to the maximum allowable performance of any other helmet AC system on the market. With unprecedented CFM and application-based design, the world’s best trophy truck builders and championship winning S.C.O.R.E teams stand behind our product.

Compare to Our Competitors



300 CFM Max


13.8V (12-14V range)

Customizable Settings


Material Type

Plastic Molded

Speed Configurations


Serviceable Components

Non-Modular Design (cannot replace parts)

SRP SD350A Fan System


600+ CFM


13.8V (10-16V range)

Customizable Settings


Material Type

Aluminum Billet Design

Speed Configurations

Variable Speed Configurations

Serviceable Components

Modular Design for Easy Replacement Parts


Technical Specifications

SD350A Fan Specifications

The SD350A offers several different reducer options for both the integrated or remote mounted ESC packages ranging from:

  • 3.5" to 3" outlet flange mount – for mounting against a firewall with a 3" diameter outlet
  • 3" inlet to 3.5" center body to 3" outlet – for inline mounting in a 3" diameter outlet

We offer custom designed intake & outlet reducers available upon request.

General Specifications

  • Center Body: OD 3.66" ID 3.55"
  • Overall Length: 4"
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Type-II anodizing
  • Brushless Motor: 13.8V normal operation (10-16V range)
  • High temperature brushless motor bearings, magnets, and winding wires

SRP ESC Specifications

The SRP ESC builds upon years of engineering excellence of automotive racing applications. Take control of your cooling needs with the most robust and reliable controller on the market.

  • Standard SRP ESC – 30A continuous, programmable, 200F operating temp
  • Mil-Spec SRP ESC – 60A continuous, programmable, 300F operating temp

With a dedicated in-house team of electrical engineers, custom ESC configurations are available upon request.

General Specifications

  • Internally integrated or remote mountable box
  • 13.8V normal operating voltage (10-16V range)
  • Thermally potted for maximum heat mitigation
  • Multiple configurations of control; dial selectors, switches, potentiometers
  • Programmable via Graphic User Interface (GUI) or PWM integration capable

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